The Fall of Mankind begins star nitơ

 The theory that the demise of humanity was caused by a big explosion from new inventions coming from the northeast destroyed part of the earth's ecosystem because they could not send their inventions into space. Converging Great Rays of Light" from northern civilizations and humans are infected with a new mysterious radiation that destroys skin cells and causes acute blood cancers and discolors people to become purple causes people to die suddenly about 675 million. Many scientific discoveries affecting life on earth are destroyed. The next peace is 9 years. Then a massive star the size of the North Pole called nitrogen flew at high speed straight into the solar system as seen from the earth. And some solar system orbitals were suddenly turned upside down. change the magnetic field of the earth and people the global tremor will take place the strongest tremor coming from the pacific region, creating the largest tsunamis in human history, knocking down buildings and causing damage to buildings. damage more than 165 million people . "The Fall of Mankind Hypothesis comes from a star named Nitơ II, Collapse, Nitrogen, Humanity, Humans, Social charm Collapse Hypothesis" The Fall of Mankind begins I