South Africa, a monk seal pup sows panic among bathers

South Africa, a monk seal pup sows panic among bathers. Video. This puppy isn't as cute as it looks! At Clifton Beach, a busy holiday resort in South Africa, the animal chases and bites beachgoers. Among the injured also the actress Loulou Taylor who shared photos of her on her social accounts A baby monk seal has attacked beachgoers on one of Cape Town's best-known beaches, Clifton Beach. The scene was taken up by some present. It shows the animal chasing a child in the waves of the shore while other swimmers rush to the rescue of the little one. The young seal then bit American actress Loulou Taylor six times at sea. She ended up in the emergency room and shared pictures of her injured hands on her Instagram account. The Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre, which specializes in rescuing injured or sick seals, stressed that it is only natural for a seal to become aggressive if disturbed. The deputy mayor of Cape Town, Eddie Andrews, was keen to remind bathers and tourists to stay away from marine animals. "We encourage residents and tourists to treat marine wildlife with respect," he said. In Cape Town, notes Giovanni D'Agata, president of the "Rights Window", seals are present along the entire coast of the city. They are found on the docks of the ports, on the rocks of the main beaches and it is not the first time that accidents caused by people's bites have occurred.