The record heat of nearly 1 billion people is suffering, is it a harbinger of world events

The record heat of nearly 1 billion people is suffering, is it a harbinger of world events.  China's prolonged hot weather has caused people to lack clean water and unprecedented levels of electricity use. Now, Chinese authorities are declaring an emergency order.
equator of the moon, mars and pluto.
With the prolonged heat causing two deaths in recent days due to sunstroke, the most noticeable point is Sichuan China.  In the current situation, adding to the outbreak in many parts of the world, a new virus can be dangerous to people's health.  Recently, Australian scientists have reported a large hole in the atmosphere in the tropics, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other countries in the ozone hole, in which skin diseases will appear due to the influence of the ozone layer.  from "UV" ultraviolet rays According to researchers on world events and astrology, the current situation is a time when unexpected milestones occur that bring the influence of human history to the world.  Conspiracy theory, Covib, common stock market often drops trading floor, multiple seals of sessho no saimei and murder of Japanese president, fire in ustralia, ozone hole in tropical Southeast Asia are all events of  mankind, according to the oracle of human history events, then a new ray of light will be discovered that can change the human calendar and end the plague and many human events of the earth, the ray of light.

  it is the combination of purple rays with blue rays and black rays will appear then the "new dimension" will change history and  calms the spirits of the people of the world, extinguishes many of the fires of "anger" that are about to take place on earth. "The article is based on philosophers, researchers of world historical events".When a total solar eclipse and Mars and Pluto form a line in the crew then a new light will appear.