Miss Earth Philippines with the presence of Miss Thach Thuthao Vietnam

Miss Earth There is the presence of Miss Thach Thu Thao representing Vietnam to the Philippines to compete in the next October, Hottest thach thuthao.
Miss earth Philippines thach thuthao Vietnam

The important journey of her modeling career was chosen by the judges in Vietnam with high hopes. sports after the last competition to go to the Philippines. Some things about the runner-up of the Vietnamese people, I heard that she is a Khmer ethnic group living in the coastal area with "Ba Dong sea" Tra Vinh VN with many achievements with participation in many contests Hottest pictures at the contest The beauty of nations.
Hottest thach thuthao 

Miss South Can Tho University 2021 Victory
 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 reached the top 71
 Miss Vietnam Ethnicity 2022 2nd runner-up
Hottest thach thuthao

The upcoming October event Miss Earth 2022 Philippines
(TBA) and currently manages Nova Entertainment Company.
bikini thạch thuthao
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