Where is love in the middle of real life in modern life

Where is love in the middle of real life in modern life,Tag: Where is the love, Social news of the day, Social tvfamzom day, justice, orphans, helping people, People and communes, hottest social.
Homeless children.

 In today's modern society, we rarely see scenes of helping people in real life or helping orphans and homeless people, acting or helping others regardless of where they come from. from the heart with sympathy for the situation 'justice' Sometimes we are indifferent to the hardships of an orphan in real life , It all reminds me of a song with the passage . 
Homeless children.

"people killin ,people dyin. Children hurtin,I hear them cryin. Can you practice what you prachin?. Would you turn the other cheek?.  'Father' Father' heple us. Send some guidance from bove. cause people Got me, got me questioning. Where is Love?. A clip of the song video with a contagious and inspirational voice with a deep melody that is loved by many people "Leon" Click and watch the video below, Association to help Asian orphans.