Top most beautiful places on the planet 2022

Social tvfamzom day-Top 8 most beautiful places on the planet 2022, Tourist destinations 2022, Foreign tourism,Those who love to travel must love the unique majestic mountain scenery, Here are the beautiful places and the most mysterious in the world.
1.Hanokava waterfall hawai

 It is named after the long Honokohau river that flows from the top of Puu Kukui, which annually receives up to 9,000mm of rain, also the area is said to have the highest rainfall in the world.                          2. Dallol, Ethiopia

 This place is known by paparazzi as the hell of the Earth,or the world's lowest terrestrial volcano,The reason is because with the environment with record high salinity, no animals and plants can survive,And it is understandable that people cannot set foot to explore this place. Dallol is located in the lowlands of the Danakil Desert, northeast of Ethiopia.  This mysterious area is located 116m below sea level, the average annual temperature is 35 degrees Celsius,Nearby is the Dallol volcano, which erupted in late 1926,This place is extremely hot and super salty, is a grave  for any life but is the paradise of the brave paparazzi.  But they can't stand here for long if they don't want to die.                                                 3.Gangkhar Puensum Peak, Bhutan.       The 40th highest mountain in the world is located on the border of Bhutan and has not yet been successfully conquered by anyone.  The mountain environment is harsh, cold and windy, with a steep slope leading to the top.  Since 1987, the Bhutanese government has issued a ban on climbing Gangkhar Puensum for spiritual reasons.                                        4.LAKE IN THE RUSSIA FOTER                Currently, the exact location of this mysterious lake is still unknown.  Some have suggested that it may be located in the Tyumen region of Russia.  How can this lake be located in the middle of such a deep forest?  It's hard to explain.  5. Tepui, Venezuela In the language of the indigenous people of Gran Sabana, Tepui means “house of the Gods”.  It has majestic natural structures that are awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring.  Surely no climber has the strength to climb to the top of these mountains.                                            6.Mount Athos MACEDONIA (Greece),       

Mount Athos is a majestic mountain, where 20 large and small monasteries are located.  However, everyone is forbidden to set foot here.  Violations can result in a sentence of up to one year in prison.  Nobody wants to be jailed just want to explore this place.                                           7. MOTOU PROVINCE Tibet CHINA.     

 Motuo is known as China's most sacred and mysterious Buddha land. There is no trail to go up here.  If you want to set foot in this land, you have to walk through the mountains and forests and have to cross a fragile bridge when the foot is a deep abyss.  Are you brave enough to conquer this place?                                                         8. Mount Gangkhar Puensum                 

 The highest mountain in the world that has not yet been conquered is Gangkhar Puensum, 7,570 m high.  Gangkhar Puensum is located on the border between Bhutan and Tibet.  When the mountain was first surveyed and mapped in 1922, the parameters were very misleading.  Recently, a new series of maps showed the mountain peak in a different location with variable elevation.  In fact, one of the first survey teams was unable to find Gangkhar Puensum.
 The Bhutanese believe that the lofty mountains are where spirits reside.  The government of this country only started to open up climbing activities in 1983, a few expeditions were allowed to go.  From 1985 to 1986, four expeditions failed.  In 1994, the government banned conquering mountains above 6,000 m to respect people's beliefs.  Since 2004, climbing is completely banned.