Primordial pillar of fire of Hindu god shiva

The theory of the pillar of fire of god shiva emerging from the ocean is possible according to some Hindu arguments because the god shiva present throughout the battlefield is the fire of the earth, the moon,
Primordial pillar of fire of Hindu god shiva, Hindu society, Hindu, social

 the sun is the  promote Reproduction is also the land of destruction and creation, destruction to create new life, If the pillar of fire of god shiva comes from under the ocean, also argues from a research scientist that the  living and multiplying all animals mostly comes from the ocean due to the transformation and adaptation to develop on land, The similarity of origin shiva's pillar of fire from under the ocean shiva is also  The creative land of life and destruction is similar to the view that the life of animals grows and dies according to the laws of nature.

  The original pillar of fire of the Hindu god shiva who also fished in the Himalayas shows About knowledge and prophecy to know everything in the world, Hindu society, Hindu social.Copyright in the image.