The Awakening of the Mini World the clip of the bear's cub was revealed this time

Recently, the domestic animated film "Wake up the miniature world" to be released in theaters nationwide on April 30 has released the introductory clip "Trick or Treat", revealing for the first time the "good trick scene".  behavior” of the character in the film. 
the clip of the bear's cub was revealed this time

The bear's harmless appearance and its ability to cause trouble from the earth form an extremely strong contrast.  The "cute contrast" with the high energy reversal in the whole process is pretty amazing, which deepens the audience's sense of anticipation for the film.

 Looks like the "group pet" is actually a "group tyrant", the cub goes on a rampage and jokes and escalates

 In "The Awakening of the Mini World", the clip of the bear's cub was revealed this time, Chief Baragon was climbing a rope about to go down the mountain to explore the way, who suspected that the human bear was watching him "from above"  the sky is falling" and directly caught Baragon by surprise.  Finally saved by the chief and hanged on a rope, the delinquent boy begins a second wave of "depraved operations", jumping and spinning continuously, causing everyone to worry that the leader has been trapped by the bear boy.  , a "pig teammate".  He couldn't help but laugh at his cheap and cute behavior.  It can be seen that the name "Bear Boy" is not a fancy name, the guy who thought he was "the darling of the group" was actually a "tyrant of the group".

 In fact, right from the time of publishing the material about the characters in the film, Baby Bear has won the hearts of a part of "mother fans" with a playful, lovely style and innocent appearance, many  Netizens directly called "the bear cub is super cute", "I really want to bring it home".  The release of this new video makes fans understand and love the cub more deeply, not surprisingly, some viewers exclaim: "The bear's naughtiness reminds me of my baby",  "If it weren't so naughty, this cute one. She's simply the baby of my dreams."

 The bloody adventure is ready for the gold medal winning team to create an audiovisual party together

 The film "Awakening of the Mini World" brings together many of the top animation talents in the country, focusing on the themes of fantasy, adventure and gore.  While setting the background of the juvenile Xiang's story, at the same time also take into account the family's need for fun viewing.  The film mainly tells about the main character Kaka, in order to release the evil power sealed in him, go down to the underworld to find a way to unlock it, and together with Nini's friends, Bear Child, with the help of Baragon,  Black Dragon etc... together to destroy the evil plan of the villains., a bloody adventure story that successfully defends the homeland.

 As the winner of the Children's Jury Prize at the Cannes Television Festival, Xing Xuhui, the director of "The Awakening of the Mini World", has continued innovation and groundbreaking efforts based on  on his many years of experience in the industry.  Through the strong contrast between the character details and dense comic elements, the visual effects experience is upgraded to a new level, causing the team to work hard to deliver a quality viewing experience.  best for the audience.  The latest released bear trick handling clip also allows the audience to feel the behind-the-scenes team's full attention to the plot, characters, visuals, special effects, and more.  As a sincere work of great quality, "Awakening of the Mini World" is expected to become the most beloved animated movie to burn the devices on May 1!

 The movie Awakening the World in Miniature will be released nationwide on April 30, and the novel and story series of the same name will also be released at the same time.  The film is directed by Xing Xuhui, voiced by He Chun, Huaxin, Wanbaolu, Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, Chen Zelin, Adan, etc. Produced by Mini Creation Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.  and Shenzhen Xingtiao Cultural and Creative Co.  , Ltd.  Published by Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

 (Source: Sina.com)