How is the once world famous muscular boy now?

Less than 10 years old, Richard Sandrak has made a lot of money thanks to his muscular, strong body.  Many years have passed, his current appearance has surprised everyone.
21 years on, Richard surprised fans when his eight-pack abs and muscular arms disappeared.  Currently, "little Hercules" is an ordinary young man at the age of 29. No longer doing weightlifting, he switched to walking and windsurfing to exercise.  In addition, he also revealed that he was a stuntman, participated in writing books, making training videos for children, and dreamed of becoming a quantum scientist for NASA.

 "I don't regret the past. I don't want to be stuck in the days of just diving into training". (The richest man in Kuwait Nasser Al Kharafi left a huge fortune when he died )