What to do to make money during the pandemic?

Taking care of Fanpage/Website

 This is no longer strange to those who work at home.  This job is suitable for a variety of subjects and different free time.  Job seekers are mainly students, students and office workers.

What to do to make money during the pandemic?

 If you choose to be a person on Facebook Fanpage, you can work all day or rotate shifts.  The development of technology has led to the formation of many sales pages, clothing shops, recruitment sites... This job only requires you to have 4-5 hours per day, not required to be fixed and the income is also good.  is at a stable level.                Make videos to make money online

 Surely you are not too familiar with Streamers, YouTubers and now the rise of TikTokers with the work of creating videos/clips on online social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

 This job is being loved by many people and is suitable for all subjects, both helping you to earn income while ensuring your health and safety during this epidemic season.

 You can make your own videos at home and post them on these platforms to attract the public's attention and enable built-in monetization or earn revenue from contracts advertisements of brands  .  However, this job also requires you to have special effects editing skills and attractive content to earn a high income.                                     Online business

 Online business has quickly become a job chosen by many people to make money during the epidemic season, especially nursing mothers or students.

 With the development of social networking sites and online sales application platforms, sellers have an extremely large customer base and easily exchange and transact via chat messages without having to consult.  directly as before.

 Online business does not require you too much knowledge or experience, you just need to have passion and a little aptitude for communication, you will be able to close dozens of orders and earn several million dong/month.  This is one of the few jobs where you can take the initiative in your own time and way of working without having to depend on anyone.