Mysterious wave on Google Earth

Mysterious wave on Google Earth
Mysterious wave on Google Earth.

  Sharing experience, I happen to be a coastal person.  On the south coast, especially the sand beaches, there is an area on the beach where you cannot get close to that area.  the name is if in my village "BOLERAN" is marked by a calm / unbroken wave, only a wave of waves, on the contrary, a large wave breaking.  Ordinary people think it is safe because there is no waves, but it is actually a deadly area.

  The children of the seaside understood very well that it was a forbidden area for us to swim there, because it was a deep pool like a river that the water below flowed out in the middle of the sea toward the deeper abyss.  however, in areas other than boleran, going in the middle is just as dangerous.  Please understand that.

  [Be careful even though it's not Boleran, it can still drown, so it's not only boleran that makes you drown]

  The characteristics are:

  > Wavy waves are not like other areas where waves crash [breaking waves have white water when they break, rolling waves are just ripples].  and a slightly dark water color indicates that the area is deep.

  > Boleran usually protrudes inland, usually it is located about 5 - 10 meters from the coast depending on the tide or not.  [5-10 meters at high tide] If the tide changes, some are 20 meters away.

  * The shoreline here I would like to refer to the last area to be spilled by seawater, not the line of the wet or dry area.  you could say the last wave was farthest from the shore.

  * Figures are not standard as they differ for each sea condition

  > The area is not boleran / safe area may be more than 20 meters from the coast and without holes / weak currents, will enter deeper slowly [deeper and deeper], but the waves break up  .  It is a children's area we swim, which can be safe even if we swim 20 meters, but provided you know how to swim and be careful of sand falling.

  * Figures are not standard as they differ for each sea condition

  > if you draw a proportional line, for example 20 meters from the shore, then the safe area is about 100cm-150cm deep, while the boleran area is only 7 meters from the shore or for example it goes only 2 meters  towards the Boleran, the vacuum is not touching the sand or the inside is higher in height and the water rushes.

  * Figures are not standard as they differ for each sea condition

  > In the past, when the ebb tide was very low, it was clearly visible, even laypeople know, because it looked hollow, and only 2m from the shore was navel / waist deep, whereas vice versa.  hand, at 20 meters of lips. The beach is just ankle to knee .. very shallow .., it's the most obvious I've ever seen.  So the right and the left side of the boleran are only the legs while in the boleran it is the navel.

  > on my beach someone drowned because they did not know this, played with water on the beach, only a few meters from the shore, but slightly straight in the middle it was a bolt of lightning, when big.  waves, people were pulled away only a few meters but fell into boleran with deep water and washed away.

  Note: A Boleran is a type of tail from a sea trench, so the boleran is similar to a river that will carry anything that is attracted to the ocean floor tens of meters deep.

  That is my experience, maybe if something goes wrong, please correct it.