Jennie and V were both involved in the noise related to bullying

Jennie and V were both involved in the noise related to bullying.        Jennie (Blackpink)

 Not long ago, videos that attacked and defamed Jennie's image for the reason of bullying Lisa - the youngest of the Blackpink group were widely spread on social networks.

 This caused Jennie to bear a bad reputation for bullying her group member, so much so that she was threatened with death by a foreign account.  More remarkable, the threat came at the right time when Jennie was preparing with Blackpink to promote the new song, making fans worried.

 This caused the huge fan community of Jennie to speak up, asking the YG management company to protect their idols.  Because this is just the anti-fan cut to split the group.  In fact, Jennie and Lisa's relationship in the group is very good and the two often help each other.                                                            V (BTS)

 Recently, Korean media and fans stirred the story of V (BTS). Few people know that V - the current top Kpop star was once a victim of school bullying, even his bully back then proudly told his "trophy" on the livestream.

 Specifically, the bully revealed during the live broadcast that he used to be classmates with V (BTS). At that time, V was not a popular idol.

 After that, this person continued to brag about bullying V, specifically forcing the BTS member to do errands for a long time.

 In response to the fan's backlash, this person apologized and explained that he was not the one to directly bully V. However, this still made BTS fans angry and hard to forgive. .