A famous Chinese hot girl exposes unedited photos

A famous Chinese hot girl exposes unedited and edited photos. In the picture, the hot girl has charming fox eyes, cold and refined.  Her eyebrows are praised as picturesque, beautiful face, elegant expression.  Many people nicknamed her "fox beauty", "fox fox". Not long ago, a sneaky photo of a hot girl with the message "Going for 5 minutes, editing photos for 2 hours" was one  The account posted has "fever" on the forum.  The photo shared dizzily with mixed opinions.

 The female main is a hot girl with a large number of followers online.  In the self-posted photo, she has a slim, toned body and outstanding height.  However, in the photo taken by passersby, the hot girl has an imperfect body, shorter legs, and a less slim "bread" waist.

 In May 2020, a series of photos before and after editing by two Chinese girls posted by the account named Ex Treme also surprised netizens.  The big difference between the two pictures makes many people bored, even criticizing the two girls, saying that they cheated on others for over-editing.