Life in the coldest place in the world

Yakutsk, Capital of the Republic of Yakutia, Russian Federation - is known to have the lowest temperature in the world (-64.4 degrees C).  With a cold climate, it seems that people can hardly survive here, but the indigenous people still exist through the centuries.
According to the local people's description, -40 degrees Celsius is just "cold, not very cold".  In 2007, residents experienced an exceptionally warm winter when the temperature dropped to -25 degrees Celsius, while their coldest winters reached -71.2 degrees Celsius. It was the only city.  in the world lies on permanently frozen ground.
Yakutsk is the capital of a vast area called Yakutia with an area of ​​more than 1 million square miles.  The cold city is 6 time zones from Moscow.  In the last two centuries, it took people more than three months to travel from Moscow to Yakutsk.  Today, travel time is reduced to 6 hours, but the cost of air tickets here is up to 750 USD per flight.