The story behind the divorce between two friends



The story behind the divorce between two friendspp,pDivorce story, marriage, love and marriage, hottest, society. 

 - Does your ex-wife live well?

 - After the divorce, she married a foreigner, very happy life.

 - Didn't she come back to visit you?

 - No!  - The friend replied thoughtfully.

 - Strange, she doesn't love me?  The children I was born with?  It's hard to understand!  - I wonder.

 My friend started drinking and told me many stories about his past marriage and his ex ...

 - My wife is a good woman, although before getting married, she loves going out, festivals ... But after getting married, she has changed a lot, she handles many things in family life.  .

 When my first child was born, my friend often came home late, saying he was busy with communication and business.  The wife sympathizes with her husband, thinking that the husband has been so hard on working outside that there is no one blame.

 Then the second child was born, my friend came home later, often, and even spent the night outside.  The wife hopes he can spend a bit of time with his family, but he always excuses himself for being busy with work, for career. The mother-in-law is a conservative woman.  thinking that everything that makes her son behave like that is because his wife did not do well.  She treats her daughter-in-law with a very cold, somewhat harsh attitude.

 Married for eight years, when things got too much to bear, she told her husband:

 - I can't continue living like this, bro!

 - What do you want to find?

 - Having been married for 8 years, have you ever thought that you have done anything for this family?  What have you done for me?

 My friend screamed in his drunkenness:

 - How many years have I been working hard to make money for you, because of life, I worked hard to work, is that not enough?

 The bitter wife:

 - Do you think that's enough?  Is that what a wife wants from her husband?

 My friend smirked:

 - Then what else do you want?  Who gives you nothing to worry about, not to worry about rice, rice clothes, money?  Every day, I just sit at home waiting for my husband, do what I want to do.

 The heartbroken wife said with tears:

 - It turned out that I have been thinking about you for a long time!  Having been married for so many years, I finally do not see the hard work you have spent, the suffering you have suffered.  I don't know why my children suddenly grow up and are knowledgeable, obedient ... do you think the money you brought back is enough for everything to be as it is now?

 - Saying like you means I don't have any effort?  Don't worry about her?  Who is giving her money to spend?  Where do my children grow up and obediently like now, if not from the money I worked hard to earn?

 The wife was silent to finish the conversation ... not because there were not enough arguments, but because she was so inadequate to understand her husband's thoughts about his wife, about family life, she said that it was time to choose.  ... In the end, she made a request for divorce, unconditional divorce, not fighting for child support, no need for money, just wanting to leave the husband she wasted her youth, the husband did not know  care about her.

 Talking about this, my friend bowed and did not continue.  I also think he drank too much, I patted his back with my hand ...

 - Do you know?  After the divorce, I also wanted for the kids and for myself to find someone who could replace their mother.  But it's just me, but the kids don't.

 I asked him:

 - Is the most important thing because the kids don't like it, so you don't want it, right?

 My friend nodded… He started mumbling:

 - I only now know that children don't grow up naturally!  I also found out that my mother used to behave very unjustly and very unfairly to her daughter-in-law ... I didn't expect the housework to be that hard, and because of the two children she couldn't take care of herself with the basics.  Most of all, even meeting friends or simply going home is difficult… it turns out that a clean toilet is also responsible !!!

 My friend started crying ... I looked at him and thought about love, marriage ...

 There are some men who never learn to love a woman.

 - There are some men who need a woman just because they lack a nanny, just because of the lack of a maid or to have children to continue the lineage.

 - There are people after the divorce, only one day sitting in the toilet discovers something he never knew ... My friend can't understand the toilet also needs to be cleaned, coming  when they themselves do they understand how hard it is for a woman!  If it weren't for love, or if she hadn't married him, then she would not have suffered.

 - There are some people, just lose it and feel sorry….  Therefore, please know how to cherish those you love ...

 ST: a copy of a friend from high school, Hien Vu