World's top 1 most widely used social apps

Top 1 of the world's top applications are used by people with hits of up to millions of hits per day.                           
World's top 1 most widely used social apps
World's top 1 most widely used social apps

                                                                        To get acquainted or more information, instead of asking for a phone number to contact, many people ask for a Facebook link to connect with each other through this social network.  It is estimated that in Vietnam there are about 58 million Facebook users, ranking 7th in the world.

   Through the social network Facebook, users interact with each other more, connect people, although they may not have met, but through Facebook, you can easily get to know and learn new friends.  .
What is the most used social app?

   In addition, the grouping feature on Facebook also makes it easy to connect or join groups to discuss learning and exchange knowledge.  Not only that, nowadays, Facebook is also the most popular online sales channel today, you can sell on your personal page or sell online with your own Fanpage.

   Recently, Facebook has released a new dating feature.  You can use this feature to make friends with people of the opposite sex and potentially find your partner.
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