BBC News provides new social media employees

BCC News employees will be asked not to "express personal views on public policy issues, politics or controversial topics".
BBC News provides new social media employees
BBC News provides new social media employees

    This announcement follows the pledge of new general manager Tim Davie last month to impose new social media rules.

    The BBC will also ask employees to disclose their earnings outside of the company on a public database.

    What are the new social media rules?

    The BBC said it has considered fairness in the context of public opinion, participating in campaigns and participating in marches or protests.

    The new social media guidance will apply to employees whether they are using online platforms professionally or personally.

    Employees will be told that they may not be presented to the BBC to defame or criticize colleagues in public.

    It adds: "If your job requires you to maintain your fairness, don't express your own personal views on public policy, political issues or 'controversial topics.'  '. "

    Instruction will also be issued on avoiding bias through followers, likes, reposts or other forms of sharing.  (news from BCC news) see more here.