Funny story job interview

During an accounting interview at a company, the boss asked a beautiful girl wearing a miniskirt.
Funny story job interview, job application, job interview,
Funny story job interview, job application, job interview, 

 - You have not been able to answer the first two questions I asked, now is your last chance, if you can answer, I will accept you in, otherwise, you will have to break up here.

 - If I write number 1 on both your left thigh and right thigh, what number will it be?

 The girl replied:

 - Number 11, sir.

 - You are so stupid, how can you do an accountant even if you don't finish reading numbers.  101 is true.

 The girl blushed shyly, but before leaving the room, she still did not respect and asked the boss again:

 - You're right, it's number 101, but I'm not stupid.  If that number 1 was written on your thighs, what number would it be?
 The boss smiled and said:

 - Yet she also asked, of course 111.

 The girl laughed loudly:

 - Not 111, but 1.1.  He also turned out no better than me.(Ankhang)