The poorest president in the world José Mujica

José Mujica - The "Poor" President in the World, every country has a separate head of state, but to be different and special like former Uruguay President Jose Mujica, few people.Because he is known to be the most honest president in the world because he is famous for rebelling the rich, he even thinks that people who are too fond of money should be excluded from politics.
José Mujica - The "Poor" President in the World

 Jose Pepe Mujica, 84, is the former President of Uruguay in office from 2010-2015.

 After an article on the BBC in 2012, he was widely known as a "poorest president in the world".  In addition, he was recognized as the most beloved president in Latin America.  The stories of him are circulated everywhere.
 Mujica lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Montevideo with his wife, Senator Lucia Topolansky and a three-legged dog, Manuela.  Even after being elected president, he did not move to the presidential palace but continued to live on his family's farm.  When he was in office, he used to donate 90% of his salary for volunteer work.  His vehicle is only a 10-year-old Volkswagen car.

 Mujica rejected materialism because he thought that material would rob him of pursuing his simple passions, such as planting flowers or working outdoors.

 The former President of Uruguay once said: “People call me the poorest president, but I feel very fulfilling.  The 'poor' are not the few that own, but those who do not satisfy their lust. "