The career life of singer Son Tung mtp Vietnam

Who is Son Tung singer, MTP Vietnam became famous when he released two singles "Rain through" the song "em of yesterday", marking a turning point for the beginning of his career.                         
                                                                The first album of his career was the soundtrack album The Boy that year OST was released in 2014, including two singles "Maybe someone will return" and "Not the right kind" to achieve success. great commercially. In 2017, Son Tung received better recognition from the internet community after releasing two singles from his first compilation album, "Lost" and "This place has him". Son Tung also released M-tp M-TP compilation album that same year. Son Tung's debut studio album, We (2020) consists of two singles including: "Give it to me" (2019) in collaboration with American rapper Snoop Dogg, which has resonated and set a record, being National media broadcast. highly appreciated internationally; and "Run now" (2018). Son Tung's second soundtrack album, Sky Tour (Original Motion Score), released in 2020, ranked 83 on the global iTunes charts.

    Son Tung had more than four years with Van Production and WePro Entertainment until his own record label, M-TP Entertainment, was established in late 2016. Son Tung began his tour. The first music, entitled M-TP Ambition - First flight, in 2015 and ended in 2016. Son Tung also starred in the cinema in 2014 That year, and received the Wings Award.   
Golden kite in the Young Actor category for his role. In 2015, Son Tung appeared as a contestant on the Harmony of Light music program. In July 2018, directors Nguyen Quang Dung and Bitis Hunter co-launched the short film Journey of Youth with Son Tung as a guest. Son Tung's first documentary, Sky Tour, released in 2020, tells the story of the formation and production of the tour of the same name. Dubbed "Prince of V-pop", Son Tung M-TP has received numerous domestic and international awards, including the Dedicating Music Award, the MTV Europe Music Awards, and the Mnet Awards. Asian music award, seven Green Wave awards and included in Forbes Vietnam's 30 Under 30 list. (Source wikipedia)