king clip in Taiwan the little girl wearing red clothes

Twenty-one years ago, in 1998, a spooky incident shocked Taiwan at the Taikeng Rock Trail on the outskirts of Taichung.  At that time, a family went to the Dakeng Fengshi Stone rocking outing.  One of the family members used the V8 engine to shoot the entire outing.  After returning home, family members do not have any photos.  Until one day, one of the family members who had a sudden trip died and at the funeral, everyone remembered that there were also gentlemen dead in the pictures taken during the trip to Da Hang.  
     During the playback of the movie, he found that while walking during the lecture, a girl in a red dress followed them at the end of the line.  Upon closer inspection, the girl's expression did not look clear but her face was blue.  Also, the scariest thing in the video is a gentleman smiling in the video, but there are terrible fangs in his mouth, the whole picture makes people look very uncomfortable.  Other family members later watched the video, but no one could think of such a girl.  Shortly thereafter, the photographer and another family member also suffered a serious car accident and was seriously hospitalized.  Therefore, they handed over the video to the Taiwan cable company GTV.  The eight major television companies of GTV broadcast the clip through the supernatural show, which immediately caused a huge reaction in Taiwan.

    Immediately after the clip was broadcast, another viewer contacted the ghost program for help.  Turns out he caught the girl in red too.  After meeting him, his business began to decline, his luck was extremely harsh and there were even a few accidents, but fortunately, he did not die, causing him to think that he was  will soon be targeted.  The host helped the audience very enthusiastically.  Initially wanted him to review the image, but he did not want to see it again, because it made him feel very uncomfortable.  The landlord went to the residents living near Dakeng to see the pictures together, even to look at the school and the police together, but all confirmed that there was no such girl and should be a ghost.  After verification, the landlord invited a powerful magician to solve this problem.  When the magician entered the forest, the clear sky blew a strong wind, making everyone think it was a warning from her.  The magician was not afraid of warning, making a simple gesture, and the wind stopped immediately.  After the ceremony, she was also subdued.  The shaman takes the little girl back to the temple and seals it in the egg.  The mage then released the little girl, and the people who met the girl in red were scared because of this, worried that she would come to ask for life, but the magician swore that Tan Tan had reached an agreement  with her, and she will not come out and hurt others again.  In fact, she was also injured by the magician.  The magician did not want to kill him, so that the little girl had a chance to be reborn.  The wizard then opens the eggshell and flows into the river, but the egg yolks and the egg whites you see are not normal, but are black.

   By the time the video was released, some mountaineers had died inexplicably.  After the video was released, everyone knew that it was a girl in red.  To this day, the origin of this red-shirt girl cannot be investigated, why she will be there, what happened, what her intentions, can only say that her reality is a  The mystery cannot be explained.  This urban legend in Taiwan has been adapted into the films "Little Girl in Red", "Little Girl in Red 2" and "Face of the Human Face: Little Girl in Red".  In addition to the film elements about the girl in red, these three films also include many folk tales and taboos from Taiwan.  The main female characters of these three films are Xu Weining, Yang Chenglin and Xu Ruoxuan.  Xu Weining, who participated in the first and second installments of the show, once said that everyone on the team encountered a strange event when filming the movie: When actor Huang He returned to the grooming room after  filmed in the abandoned hospital, the abrupt light suddenly shuts off, allowing him to leave the place immediately.  Yang Chenglin also felt uncomfortable and vomited after a certain play, even after a break, it did not get better until she wore the Buddha bead and no longer felt uncomfortable.

  Regardless of whether the girl in red is right or wrong, her appearance in the movie is indeed very strange and uncomfortable.  We recommend going to the mountains or the beach to play, preferably wearing items that belong to your beliefs.  Of course, don't talk too hard, so as not to offend things that shouldn't be offensive.(The story is translated from Chinese). 'shocking,God's Curve Scene Two Driver Videos, hot clips, socialtvfamzom Day, social shocking'social tvfamzom day.
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