The marriage of 125kg of gold in India

Images of the marriage of three daughters of a temple in Tirupati Balaji. Weight of gold jewelry of three people is 125Kg. Citizen. . . . Think where to donate. Do not do charity in the military. . Spread these messages across the country that everyone should donate to our country's army, not the temple.                             
->Recently many people on social network Facebook, pinterest have shared a photo of an Indian man shining the light of gold on him.  Whether this is real gold or just a photo editing joke, if it is true, this man must be rich or billionaire can wear so much gold.  It is not known when the man wearing a lot of gold in India is unknown.
Photos of men wearing gold are shared on social networks.
                                                        The fate of Mr. Datta Phuge The most gold-wearing man in India.
                                                     Datta Phuge is considered the most addicted gold wearer in India. He is in Pune, often appearing in front of people with many types of gold jewelry even sewn a gold shirt worn by gold weighing 3.3kg worth $ 250,000. It was because of his interest in the worship of gold that brought him on the path of murder at the age of 48 in 2016.