The richest mas Kuwait nasser al Karafi left huge fortune when he died

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The richest man in Kuwait Nasser Al Kharafi left a huge fortune when he died
Nasser Al Kharafi artwork
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The richest man in Kuwait, Nasser  Al Kharki, left a huge fortune when he died.  Take a look at all his treasure assets .... Can't bring anything to the afterlife .... Whether he has power or money he can't afford it  life and resist death.  Death will come sooner or later in a lifetime.
                The vast wealth of his family from where.  He is the super-rich once on the list of the richest families in the world is the Al-Sabah family.  The royal family is in control of Kuwait, a country of Western Asia.
                                                               According to an article in the famous Time magazine, the value of his family's fortune is a staggering $ 90 billion in 1991.  Most of the assets obtained are from US stocks, which have soared in value in recent years.  Many economists say that the wealth of his royal family in Kuwait could have quadrupled since 1990 and belonged to the conservative side when they had significant stakes in most.  major American companies.

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