Videos of Bich Phuong singer lip-syncing,Videos ca sỹ Bích Phương hát nhép

Bich Phuong was discovered when lip-syncing on the night of the show. when the audience jerked the micaro.                     
The incident just happened when the singer was performing and the image with the clip shared on social networks received many comments and shares online. As for Bich Phuong, the singer has not yet spoken about the incident. Whether Bich Phuong lip-syncing is considered disrespectful to the audience and the fans, In Vietnamese showbiz expensive singers are normal for current Hot singers and they are chasing profit of their famous. not only in Vietnam but also in the world. In fact, abroad, there are programs, singers sometimes need to copy. Top singers have so many shows in one night, so many singers abuse abusive things to become problematic and become serious. Everyone wants their show, their show is good, beautiful, best for the audience, but the problem lies in the consciousness of the singer.