Black Pink A combination of Thai modern and traditional

The beautiful Black Pink group with traditional Thai costumes in Thai Buddhism.

 Each country has its own traditional costume.  Thai people consider traditional costumes as the pride of their religion with the design like the Buddhist costume expressing religious beliefs.  traditional .  The basis of traditional Thai clothing is that it is unfortunate and close to people.  They are sewn from narrow silk or cotton fabrics that are stitched, folded and rolled into a variety of colorful and varied clothing.

 Traditional costumes of Thai women have 8 groups: Thai Chakkri, Thai Boromphiman, Thai Siwalai, Thai Chakkraphat, Thai Chitlada, Thai Ruean Ton, Thai Amarin and Thai Dusit.  Among the three most popular costumes used until now are Thai Borompiman, Thai Chakkri, and Thai Siwalai.  And the best thing is, the traditional Thai costume is embellished by the famous Black Pink group, increasing the beauty and splendor like the fairies in Thai Buddhism.  great and traditional