Time Questions start and end people

 Time Questions start and end people Tvfamzom    
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The place where I'm living everything is quietly when the night falls, I often drink a cup of coffee with the name [dream dream 999].  The night falls in a poor province of Vietnam everything quietly and awaits the glow of the bustling dawn.  And I'm asking myself a big question about the so-called time that is a great milestone of a human life. 
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                                             Can we return to the past time that has passed and that is impossible.  living things is marked a certain time in which human life is marked by ending sooner or later and that is what determines what is called (time) decision.  Whether we have a hard life or a rich future, celebrity, ordinary people, homeless, money, power, celebrity, etc. those things that are experienced cannot be  out of time to decide the life of a human being, we cannot escape aging. (To be able to live, grow old, and die) death is the last milestone of a human life.  How can we escape, one more big question where we start from?  (gibbon evolution over millions of years) and add a problem?  (Where the ape started and why millions of years ago the gibbon was still a gibbon) I was having problems and I couldn't answer it.  """""Over""""
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