Latest news cruise ships crash into tourist boats in the port of Venice

 The moment a cruise ship crashed into a tourist boat in Venice port

 The new scene showed a cruise ship crashing into a tourist boat and a pier in Venice on Sunday (June 2).

 The scene shows the moment a ship crashed into a boat anchored at a jetty at San Basilio-Zattere, causing tourists to run.

 At least five people including an American, a New Zealander and two Australians were injured in the accident.

 Residents and filmmakers Matteo Ravagnan told Newsflare: '' Cruise ships are a big problem for us.  They were too big to operate near the harbor and the Venetians called on the government to ban them from our channel.  ''

 '' I always thought something like this [accident] would happen sooner or later.                                                                                         Read more updated news                                    

                                                                        Three inmates saved a suicide prisoner.           
                                                                           who jumped from a second-floor balcony when they buried him with a washing car.

 Prisoners at a Minnesota prison saved the life of a prisoner trying to jump by himself from the balcony.

 Only after 7 pm Wednesday evening at Ramsey County prison in St.  Paul, a man who threatened to throw himself 25 feet from a rock ledge on the second floor of the cellar.

 Prisoners were either killed, or at least seriously injured, but a group of three prisoners quickly helped him by moving a washing car under him, cushioning him to fall.

 Sheriff Bob Fletcher praised the trio of action.

 'Thank you, gentleman, you are the hero,' Fletcher said.  'You saved the life of a boy.'

 'We are not judged by whether we are here or not, but what is in our hearts,' Fletcher told three men, Deonte Blackwell, Austin Dirkx and Rodolfo Delangel.
 Blackwell, who was in prison for DWI, was one of those who jumped into action.               
 'My natural instinct is to catch him,' said Blackwell.  'I ran over to grab the washing bucket and said "don't do that!", He recalls.