Gymnast falls at the circus festival

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One of the spectators, who came to the performances, which are shown in the framework of the traditional festival-competition "Under the Vault of the Old Tent", which started in Novokuznetsk on Saturday, October 20, filmed an incident involving an aerial gymnast.

The artist from Krasnoyarsk fell from a great height while performing a trick without insurance on the canvases.

The victim was hospitalized. Local media was able to clarify the nature of the injuries received by the girl.

It is reported that she was diagnosed with a spinal fracture, but "while her spinal cord is not damaged, and she can move her arms and legs.

At the same time, a representative of the administration of the festival made a special statement before the audience. He noted that the only serious injury to the gymnast is a broken arm and stressed that everything is in order with his back.http://Tvfam.blogspot.com