The meaning of folk arts from the Buddhist point of view

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 Derived from fairy tales, through the Ramayana mystery, is a villain in the island of Lanka. The king is Râvana.



The influence of Indian culture, the Khmer South called Yeak, a character using the badge, the bad, the evil sorcerer. In other words, "Devil King", shaped like a fierce look: huge, muscular, bulging eyes, wide mouth, red tongue, sharp fangs and extraordinary strength!
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Striped with large shoes, a pointed hat - if it is "pinned" the hat is still pointed but lower, the face is also painted more pants, colored robes colorful, with big sticks or paw The face is always silent, dark in the posture is willing to fight, do not give up. "Reach cha sei" - a legendary animal: head of dragon, lion, buffalo, is considered the most powerful animal among all animals.

But even with the control of "Reach cha sei", they also have to take a step before Krud (also known as Garuda), the goddess, called the "bird" as the bird, the human and The wings are wide, symbolizing the good, the good - some say the bird is a fairy. Artisans decorate the bird on the head, placed at the top of the pillar outside the temple.

In the dance performances, evil is the villain role, representing the evil side, confused muttered, very little talk, but only take dance and tune stand on the way to express language mine. It is a typical dance genre, very nimble and dynamic with tireless movements that are soft, flexible, aggressive and very active and always positive in aggression, Overwhelming the enemy. But at the end of the day, the structure of the plot must always be submissive.

Therefore, the image of the new temple is present in the temple with the meaning of the correct rectification, while defending the dharma has also reminded the believer to try to do good things, avoid causing evil sin, otherwise will be accused of sin.                                                                                                       
  Self-beings have two good and evil sides, they are always opposites, opposites, conflicts and fierce battle to go to a loss also. So, evil also has a "world" of it. They have all, from the Lord to the General, then he, her ...

So when it comes to evil, evil, or to describe violence, people are often compared to strangers. But in case it is necessary to emphasize, people often use the image of the "pinwheel", such as "the pinstripe" (drought as the burning, hindering many aspects of living and damage crops of the people, Any month in the rainy season in the South, usually around July, August, it interrupts the rainy season about 10 days, depending on the corresponding time of the mechanism of sudden instability from the atmosphere. the book for various reasons).

If the prolonged drought, causing direct harm in many aspects of life, production, the term "limited herring" is no longer fit, people added: "limit her fire"! "Fire" is a familiar word that folk often use to express a character or incident beyond imagination should be emphasized.                               

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